Monday, July 7, 2008

i'm baaaaaaack!

so, i tried to blog... honest... but blogger wouldn't let me in. now it will. whatever. so be it.

so, anyway, what's happened?

both of my parents came to visit (at different times) and we had a blast... several trips to the red, hit the chocolate museum, miguel's pizza, the horse park, got lost ALL over lexington... bbq, lots of hugs, all sorts of important stuff like that. so much more to do here when it's warm out!

CURT SURVIVED INTERN YEAR! his last month was the worst because he was on blue trauma surgery. so he would work a 30hr+ shift once every 3 days. he had no sleep scedule. and every time he was home and awake (rare), he would see helicopters headed to the hospital and cringe because he knew he'd be taking care of whoever was in the copter soon. ahh, the drama of a level one trauma center. now he sees them and comments on how he is NOT at the hospital. he is going through the post-traumatic sleep-deprived stress syndrome that i went through in vet school. it is nice to see him emerge on the other side. i missed him.

that said, we had a lovely weekend together! we were supposed to go camping, but it was too rainy (measure of this is if we are willing to have leeloo sleeping in the bag wth us after the mud and rain of the day. answer this time: HECK, NO!) so, we stayed home and bummed around, hit the 4th of july in town (we haven't been out in public for a while)- it seems so much less organized than in small town north andover... went out for italian... YES! gluten-free italian! HEEHEEHEEHAW*snort* giggle giggle.... wasn't bad. wasn't great either, but the idea of pasta in a restaurant was too much and i had to. celiacs is friggin' well known now.

went climbing on saturday (the old fall-back). went with our good buddy jay to climb some of the classic routes at the red. we only climb them about once a year because they are pumpy and difficult, and i used to have no problem with them but now they make me sore... i used to be in such good shape.

then, oooohhh, then! curt and i went on a DATE! a real, bonified, dressed up, go out and do something date! we went to see the local bellydancers at their annual show. some of it was actually bellydancing! my schedule hasn't let me check out the belly scene here, but the only classes they offer are in tribal... so i have been a little dubious. for good reason. but i am not really willing yet to drive to cincinn for a troupe, so i suppose i should engage more here. and, like i said, some of it was actually bellydancing! and some of it i wasn't nearly drugged or drunk enough to understand.

so, all in all, it has been good here. there have been some stressful and sad things, the "tragic death" at work, work in general, losing the air conditioning in the company car i drive... that sort of thing... but everything is on the up and up. little dirty birds have finally given me some timeframe for work... and then my gas bill will go waaaaaaaay waaaaaaaay waaaaaaay down. like, a couple extra hundred a month! i'm looking forward to setting up a social network here, which should happen once i work within a half-hour of where i live and have time in the evenings:) more on that when it actually happens...