Saturday, February 17, 2007


and, only 76 days until graduation!


i am currently on equine ambulatory, a rotation where we ride around with horse vets and experience the "real world" of equine medicine... and i'll tell you, i picked a doozie of a time to be out and about! february is the slow season for equine... it is too early for most horses to get thier spring vaccines, and many of the foals here aren't born yet because it is way to cold and snowy for new life to flourish like it could in kentucky or other places further south... normally, there would be a lot of dentals to do, but it has been so cold (with highs in the teens) that it is too cold to sedate the horses and file their teeth back to a happy place... this means that, while i nearly froze to death the first couple of days trying to stock the trucks, i am usually home by 3-4pm and have time for a nap and foot warming. there should be a rush once that 30 degree weather we've been promised shows up...

curtis hasn't posted since he left and that makes me sad, he said he would... poot. so, i guess i will post for him with the most recent news: he did not match to Lansing. this means that we won't be living in michigan next year (YAY!), but also that we have to wait until march 15th to match to a different program through the MD match... so no job hunting for me for a while :) it also means that his name showed up on a list of people who didn't match to a program and we got about 30 calls this week of programs looking for applicants. the phone rang off the hook monday night and i was still recieving calls on friday! nice to know curtis is so sought after...

life is still pretty lonely here, with curtis galavanting around in tennessee, and my vet school friends on internal medicine (very time consuming...) i didn't really hang out with anyone until last night, when carrie and i had a real conversation (ohh, ahh!), dinner, and went to pan's labrynth. good movie but much more dark and depressing than one would imagine. beautiful cinematography. not nearly light hearted enough for depressed and cold vet students though... hopefully i can refill on fun and friends this weekend and feel good about going back to work on monday.

Friday, February 9, 2007

bubbles! my bubbles!

so, i have learned my lesson... those tapioca bubbles that are normally in bubble tea do NOT belong in my hot cocoa. yeeelch. nuf said.

this rotation is a lesson in taking your work home... i have had an extra cat in the house who needed the kind of care that can only be found with constant supervision like in an ICU... and since our budget is zip... well, she came home for the night. and almost stayed. a little daunting when you not only pack up a comatose cat and some supplies, but also the blue juice (euthanasia solution) in case things don't go well. last i saw the kitty, all was punch drunk peaches and cream :) i hope she finds a good home. also almost had an extra bunny abandoned at the clinic. hmmm... maybe the best time to adopt a bunny is when curt isn't here to say no... hmmm.... naughty little ideas forming over here in my brain! lalala!

have a job interview tomorrow... and get to visit our friends paul and julie waaay out in grand rapids at the same time. looking forward to seeing friends again, it has been very lonely here. looking forward to any conversation that does not involve medicating or surgimizing animals, or even just some happy silence with loved ones...

missing curtis who is agonizingly close to the AT right now. so tempting to run away! especially since i've been sick and am now starting to feel better...

number of days until graduation: 83, today is over!
number of surgeries on this rotation: 20 something
number of pets in the house: 2

love to all my peeps!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

eggplant, anyone?

the daily numbers:
temperature when i left the house: -2
temperature when i left work: 10
temperature with wind chill: -22
percentage of people in my rotation who couldn't start their cars this morning: 33%
days until graduation: 87

the world is a lot cleaner! curt has left for his wilderness medicine course in tenn, and i am combating lonliness by scouring the house! all that is left is the pile on my desk (like that'll get cleaned up this lifetime!) and mopping the linolium floors (la la la LINOLIUM!) i have cooked enough food to feed a large italian family, and the garlic store is diminished to prove it! (i am sooo proud i haven't been mope-ing)...

this week has been really great at school too, we get tech student support this week, so there is someone there to order about and satisfy my zesty need for domination and control:) ...i mean... help set up, break down, restrain animals, monitor anesthesia, and clean! MWAH HA HA HA HA

but really, having tech students was awesome today because it meant that we could have 6 surgeries going at once instead of the usual 3. if they had stayed one more hour, we would have been done by noon! as it was, i still got home at an unheard of 330pm! ahhh, the joy of extra hands. the joy of a midday nap when you feel under the weather...

buenas noches!