Tuesday, August 21, 2007

oh, yeah!

and i finally got my license! woot!

desk destruction!

it was too hot to go climbing, so we moved all the books out of the study and began trying to dismantle the built in desk that the previous owner built with his limited skill. we need the space for shelves for our fun books (to keep them distinct from our medical books, which are not exactly a sure-fire fun read...) and the desk is really an eye-sore. after much fun with our fabulous powerdrill, and a small amount of prying and pushing, and only very minor wall demolition, we regained a part of the office that had been screaming for freedom! no more oddly sized desk for you, little study!

we are now repairing the wall and shopping for shelves that match our medical book shelves.

i cleaned out a lot of old notes and books from undergrad... who knew i would not actually need my beef management notes in the real world? or british empiricism... honestly, i can be such a pack-rat! reading through some of my old notes, though, i realized that i used to be quite smart... and funny! i wonder where that part of my brain went. medicine and philosophy work so differently in my little mind. ah well, off to find more buried treasures...

Friday, August 10, 2007

en- title-ment

maybe my last name is gale-dyer because i am long-winded and good at staining my clothes...

that last post went on for miles!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

the missing links

so much to say...

had a great time at amy's wedding shower and really appreciated the girl time only such a trip can provide. my friends truely make my life an enjoyable experience... i only wish amy could fully appreciate how truely gorgeous she looks, yes, the awesome make-up and hair help.... but i mean all the time. when she is happy, she glows and she is clueless... it is part of what makes her so sweet and innocent (hahaha)

no but really... what is this epidemic of beautiful, intellegent, totally capable young women who know they are smart because of thier achievements, know they are capable (sometimes) because of their abilities... but apparently never absorbed the fact that they too, are beautiful. even if they are told that they are... they don't believe it. (seriously think about how many women you know who fit this category!) i wonder what would happen if they all suddenly suffered an affliction of suspension of disbelief... and saw what everyone else around them saw. myself included. maybe this needs to be a part of the new feminist movement... helping the next generation accept what they look like, and appreciating just how beautiful they really are. no conceit, just a good self-appreciation. maybe an increase in self-esteem... (the piano elevator music version of what a wonderful world this could be swells in the quiet after the schpiel)

my job is going well. i see real animals and try my best to help them and their owners (sorry.. banfield Pet parents)... i am really happy here. i work with a great bunch of people. they are efficient, funny, fun-loving people and i am blessed to have such a great group... they are letting me choose which sick patients to slowly widen my work and build my confidence....

it is only natural for a new vet to need to build their confidence... they have never worked without someone watching over their shoulder, ensuring they don't make a mistake... someone to talk everything out with and double and triple check before you do anything... it is a bit of a culture shock to suddenly think that you are suddenly solely responsible for the lives and deaths of your patients under your care.

it is one thinkg to know and expect that you are new to this, this is difficult, and you have a low level of confidence due to a lack of experience... it is another to realize that not only is all of this true, but 4 years of degrading, mind-blowing, self-esteem destroying medical education has pussy-whipped me into a blubbering fool incapable of acting on my own knowledge and self-initiative. especially since i still don't have my license and am therefore not endangering my own ability to practice medicine in the future... and at this point, i am only seeing things that i KNOW and am familiar with. for goodness' sake! if i know i am doing it right, why do i need confirmation and back pats to go with it. why isn't my voice good enough? this should dissipate with time. i know it will get better, but i have never been well known for my patience (stop laughing! it's not funny to laugh at the impatient girl...) but i love my job. every day i get better, i am learning the flow well, i am understanding the computer system better... life is good.

anywho, in other exciting news, our bedframe is coming today! yippee!!! no more sleeping on the floor for me! and my paycheck is also coming on saturday! double yippee!!! i plan on dancing across the clinic, butt a wiggling, at the sight of my largest payload ever! it's a real job if they pay you, right?

and in other news, i went to the boone (as in daniel boone) county fair last night with a bunch of girls from work. i ate cotten candy, got to watch the walking horses show (this is extreemely funny and i highly recommmend seeing it for yourself sometime. imagine a horse walking on it's hind legs and flipping it's front legs out as it goes. and the riders are all hunched over like little old men in shriner's cars...), toured the little rides, saw some bad karyoke, and even watched a demolition derby race (yes, i said race... they had to do figure 8s around a track like those toy cars we all had when we werre little... sooo much fun! amazing to see old front wheel drives do some stunts like that in the mud... and 2 cars even caught on fire! i am finding and coming to terms with my inner red-neck hick! and wow, the announcers were something else!) i feel initiated into kentucky life. the state fair is next week... yeehaw! too bad we missed the frog racing contest... one of the girls was going to enter it! tomorrow is the watermellon seed spitting contest... and the boy's pig wrestle... i love this state!

Monday, August 6, 2007

happy anniversary

well, it's been 4 years. 4 long years (although not because of the company). i finally feel like i am setting up shop with my hubby, something traditionally reserved for newly-weds. with each new addition- pictures, furniture, whatever, this place feels more like home. i think having the dining room chairs is what really did it for me. now that they are all here and assembled properly, we can actually sit down and share a meal together, when we're both here at dinner time, and that is precious.

today is one of those days. how we managed to both be free today is beyond me, but it is wonderfully comforting to walk to the store together, pick out ingredients together, and come back andcook... (i'm a sap, i know). it is wonderful just to function as a pair again. cooking together is a large part of what started this relationship. i am truely happy.

so what's on the menu? roast duck breast in a raspberry/red wine sauce, baked root veggies (carrots, potatoes, leeks, and fennel), and our mississippi mud wedding cake (complete with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream...) YUM! we have our champagne too... and tickets to go see some live music tonight... i am drunk on happiness.


on the job front, 'cause i know you're all so curious... i love it! they are actually letting me see cases... have been all week. i started seeing sick animals over the past few days. it is still hard, because i don't have my license yet, and have to work "under vet direction"...but it feels real. a real job. real clients... learning the ropes and the computers...

curt is on neuro right now, and it seems fairly laid back. he is on call a lot, but he managed to get some sleep last night, and has not needed a nap yet...

more updates later, i am going to get back to communally living with my hubbie! eep!