Tuesday, September 9, 2008

whirl of a week

what an awesome week we've had!

it all started with drinking liberally 2 weeks ago... had some of the greatest conversations there to date and met lots of cool people. but especially one of them...we found a new friend at drinking liberally and she is fabulous! she has wine nights and likes to do out-doorsy things and is spiritually in touch with herself and smart and has no filters to what comes out of her mouth... PERFECT! and her schedule is about as crazy as curt and mine are, so no worries there! and she's also fairly new in town, so we can go check out town together...

so we went to wine night and met her fabulous friends

and then we bbqed on our new back patio and got to know each other... and curt got really drunk... it was hilarious! tra la la

i had such a good weekend... even though i worked both days... i got to see my old friends up at florence and curt cleaned the whole house (except for the bathrooms which i had already tackled) and i have been social and life is FABOO. i have the greatest husband ever... EVER EVER EVER!

curt and i have joined the uk fall into fitness challenge which means that we are trying to do some exercise-like activity 4 days a week. so far so good. we're starting to do yoga again at home, and yesterday evening at the gym 2 poeple doing a piece on the climbing wall for the school newspaper asked curt and i to have our pictures taken while climbing... we're posterchildren for the climbing wall, who knew?! i'll see if i can get a copy of the pics to post. so we both are starting to feel better physically, too.

now if only i could get my work-life to be as good as my social and home life... because i have transferred hospitals i have lost my e-mail account, lost my 401K and health/insurance, and even my electronic abilityto punch into work. so much fun! there have also been problems with my state licensures that i have to work out on my time off... ah well. life can't be all fun!

curt is enjoying work as well, he is trying to get into good study habits, is leading some meds students, is still working on traumatic brain injury, and is looking for a clinical study to help out with for the year.

hope all of you are enjoying yourselves there in the real world... or at least having as much fun as us.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

laboring very hard at having fun!

oh, so much to report! our anniversary was wonderful, curt bought me flowers (daisies) and we had a lovely dinner at home after i got home from work. nice, quiet, relaxing evening which is what the drs ordered.

for curt's birthday we went to visit carrie at her new digs. AWESOME weekend! leeloo got to meet her cuzzin clyde. they got along wonderfully, and it is a good thing they are both adopted because by the end of the weekend clyde was humping leeloo like there was no tomorrow! they played and played and PLAAAAYYYED and played... leeloo had the time of her life! so did clyde. and it was ever so nice to see carrie again! she lives too far away.

so i started my new job traveling and doing relief work, and so far so good.

this last weekend curt and i both had 3 days off for laborday, so we packed up and headed out to big south fork at the ky/tenn boarder. did 6 and a hlaf miles in that day with leeloo sporting her backpack happily along. walked through lots and lots of poison ivy... camped by a lovely stream, and got up the next morning to continue on. we put our old socks on as we had a lot of wet stream crossings ahead, and started off on a 17mile day! saw an owl, some black beavers, and a rattlesnake. cooled off halfway with a dip in the big south fork itself where, much to our suprise (and most likely hers as well), leeloo went swimming! with a current and everything! so was all had a grand splash before hiking out of the gorge and onto the plateau. got some lovely views and set up camp near a scenic overlook on the john muir trail. that's when we sat down and looked at our legs. we were covered in ticks! hundreds of 'em! so, we started scraping them off as we let our poor wet feet dry off. when we took off our socks, we noticed that we both had a bad rash on our ankles and calves... you guessed it! poison ivy! seems the river helped to spread those oils around! and we had continued the deed while removing those pesky ticks...

the next morning we were off again, with thick morning fog that turned into a humid day like the one before. after a lovely shower we headed home with our dirty dog...

and stopped at a most cursed mcdonalds on the way home! they messed up our order (we ordered twice before the manager came over), the manager had to fix it, the salad only had about 10 pieces of lettuce in it, then the large sweet tea lost it's lid and splattered all over my lap in the car... filling the cup-holders and soaking the seat and my clothes (and the frenchfries). so my salad tasted like sweet tea...

but all in all, it was a fabulous weekend! and we had thai food for dinner when we got home. YUM!