Sunday, December 10, 2006

the skinny (from audrey)

hello all you happy people out there! boards are officially over (well, i won't know if i passed for a couple of months...) and am i ever glad. it is really weird to take an exam and have no idea how you did. seriously. i am still trying to break free from the migraine a 6 hour computer exam with a flickering screen can give you.

graduation is this may, when curt graduates from med school 24 hours before i graduate from vet school. it is so real i can taste it! i have this strange urge to get my personality out of the cedar chest, dust it off, air out the smell of moth balls, and try it on again. boy, have i missed being a real person!

can't look for a job until curt and i know what state we'll be living in. the match happens in march and until then, i just get to procrastinate on my resume... hehehe

current rotation is ophtho. loving the nasty eyeballs! soo cool and gross! i got to watch a vitreocentesis on friday (this is when they stick a needle in the eye to get a sample of the jello called vitreous that makes your eye round- this dog had liquid instead of jello from his disease)

and on that last appetizing note... time to start thinking about chocolates! any flavors people want? is it time for cherry mice again?

Saturday, December 9, 2006

The start

After much thought and my inability to keep in touch with people, I decided the easier way to try and maintain contact was to start a blog. Currently I am on my way home after two interviews in the northeast corner of TN. Both were in family practice. I enjoyed the people at both programs. The programs themselves had everything I needed and wanted from an education and experience point of view. The concern is the location. There is plenty of outdoor activities for us (rockclimbing, hiking, skiing, and etc.) but lacks some things that the I found in New Mexico. Like Trader Joes, Whole Foods and family to start. Plus I clicked better with the residents in New Mexico. Though in New Mexico I will have to work harder and be more motitaved to maintain, let alone improve my OMT. But I do like a challenge on occasion. Now this may be all for not, because my true first choice is in the PMR progam in Lansing. I still have two interviews left, one in PMR in Ketucky and another in family practice in PA. This process of deciding residencies program has turned out to more intense than I thought.