Thursday, July 26, 2007


It has been a great week... the last week of freedom. Once i had my start date for work, Dave and I planned a suprise visit to mom's for her 60th birthday! his daughters picked me up at the airport and took me back to Judy's house, and mom was so suprised when she picked me up in addition to Harry Potter 3 and 4 movies. It was great.

We got lots of gab time, an afternoon at the beach, dinner with my bro, a full day of house repair, one infamous banana split from Tredwells, and even the new Harry Potter movie at the IMAX theater in Jordan's Furniture! It was a full 2 days... a great way to spend my last free time before entering the peons of the working world.

Which i now am.... my first day was yesterday, and i just didn't get around to posting then... it is hard to judge the job by yesterday. i didn't see one animal all day! i spent all day on their computers doing learning modules... and not info on the data system they have... this was propaganda to brainwash me into the company (actually, it is not a company, but Banfield, the TEAM... we use SmartTalk at work, not your ordinary english... it helps with a little rose tint, but it does create the urge to strangle....). I learned about the Banfield vision and the barriers to proper health care... my GOD, like i really need this waffle... i went to 4 years of vet school. if i don't know what keeps people from giving their pets the proper amount of healthcare, then i shouldn't have graduated. This is slow and frustrating. the rest of this week is going to be the same. I won't get to be a part of a working hospital until next monday, and then it is just shadowing.... grrr

but all is well. they are at least looking out for me having a good start... i just wish it wasn't so tacky and obvious propoganda.

that said, i have found a pretty good yoga class here. tra la la. and the climbing wall at the UK gym is small, and has frustrating rules, but the routes aren't too bad. life moves on.

and this weekend is amy's wedding shower! happiness!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A musings

i'm still happy about my job. i think.

i have recently realized that i have a job, i own a house (MY house [our house]. not anyone else's), i have my own lawn...i might actually resemble an adult! who ever wouldhave guessed? this is all quite shocking to me. and i feel very successful and self-important (imagine here the internal 3 yearold sticking out her chest and proclaiming to the world her significance...)

i still have no new friends here, but that will take time. it is difficult to force myself to socialize solo when during the day i get funny looks for not having umpteen children that i am staying home to care for, and in the evenings, i want to see my hubby if it's possible. but i am no longer a shut-in. i have been exploring the world around me and will maybe meet people there later...

i think the hardest part of curt's internship is not the hours that he's gone, it's the fact that he's here now, but desperately needs sleep...

i also find it funny that he started this blog, and yet i think he has posted a grand total of 3 times...

i hope that my work schedule will make it easier for us to see each other and not harder, as i will have 3-4 days off a week, and he gets 4 days off a month... they have to overlap at some point, right?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


this is very exciting news! the details:

there are precious few small animal jobs in the area. if i wanted to work exclussively in cows that would be one thing. there are 2 jobs in the area. if i had board certification and about 10 years of experience, there are a few jobs... i get regular e-mails from new job postings over 2 hours drive away! but not much locally. the local options?:

1) a place called heartland, has 2 well established clinics and good mentorship opportunities. willing to train me in any interest i might have, wanting me to become a specialist (although not necessarily board certified) in whatever. lots of back-up help. i would be helping them open a new clinic 15 min from my house. long hours- they want to be open until 11 pm, and i will have to do quite a bit of emergency work during that time.
2) a place 6 miles from home that was recently purchased by a former associate vet, he has no real plans for the future of the clinic. rare staff meetings, old vaccine protocols... bonus is that i would always get a day off midweek and 1.5 days every weekend, with a whole weekend every 3rd week.
3) banfield vet clinic in petsmart. have a good standard of care and lots of staff to help. want me to drive 1.5 hours both directions for a year until the new clinic opens closer to home. downside: this is a nation-wide corperation... yelch! commute is long and BORING. will have to invest in books on tape... yada, yada.

the outcome?:
1)they were very impressed with me, and would love to work with me, but are unable to offer me employment for the next year. no, sorry, not even part-time. after that point they may be able to hire me. MAY. 1 year. so sorry to waste your time and raise your hopes... so sorry to raise your expectations and get you ready for the real world. (losers)
2) they have no direction. they don't return my calls. they don't even have enough exam rooms for the number of vets they have. losers.
3) banfield had me come in to shadow for a half day the saturday after the 4th- ie the busiest they will ever be. we talked. we viewed. we assisted by squishing and restraining animals while they worked away. it was okay. OKAY. then i drove that whole long 1.5 hour commute up to florence and saw them on a slow day. hehe. i walk in and no one can greet me right away because... they are all too busy snibbling home-made cookies someone brought in (score 1 point). then they all introduce themselves, and include me in the conversation (point 2), and have a goodflow of gab, fun, funny, etc. no diamonds forming in their GI tracts, let me tell you! (point 3). they promise me i won't have to work alone for the first couple of months, at least until i'm comfortable. they are all working together well, they help each other out, and hang out together outside of the clinic (another point!).. it was a smooth and enjoyable day. we discussed lots of stuff. i feel comfortable there and happy.

i returned today for my contract meeting. i actually got hired! someone wants me! i feel so loved! so it is corporate... so it is a commute... the commute is only for one year until the new clinic opens, i have a good group until that time. i have a salary exactly what i expected, no signing bonus (normal for vet med), no moving bonus (had i signed with them before the move it couldhave been up to $2000), yes i get compensation for the miles... they may even give me a car! i had to pee in a cup for them. i can start my training as early as next week. yippee! i feel good about this. i think. there are times i wonder what i'm doing, but hey... if it doesn't work out, i can always start over again. the clinic meets my standards. they may vaccinate more than i like, but they are all about preventative care and client education. i can do my own diet plans... i can do as much CE as i want if i preapprove it (prove it will be of monetary value). i can grow here and stretch my wet little wings. i can learn a foreign language while driving mindlessly on I75. i only have to work 3-4 days a week because the days are long. they are open 7 days a week, so my weekends will not be normal all the time. this is all good.

and look at my other options. i mean seriously, what choice do i have.

i'm happy. at least, i'm giddy. i hope i'm still happy in a couple of weeks. it will be good to get my feet wet again.

i have 3 months to sign the contract. wish me luck!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

treading water

i have reached the point where i can do stuff all day, and at the end of it, nothing looks done! so okay, a few more boxes have been FLATTENED (new source of joy in my life). The clothing drawers are organized and everything fits better now... the laundry is done... there are lots of fresh, organic, locally grown veggies in the fridge that i got when checking out the local farmers market (not entirely disappointing, but small).... but nothing looks better.

maybe i am just frustrated by the lack of hangy things to put up all my pretties! we have no anchors for the pictures that go around the house... we have no heavy duty hooks for the hammock (which will vastly improve my standard of living)

or by the fact that when i go to the store to buy necessities for the new house, they are invariably out of exactly what i wanted!

or by the fact that it is sunday, and many things i want to do cannot happen on sunday here... in fact, i was walking to the farmer's market when i ran into this man who teaches at the local seminary school... he's new to the neighborhood too, and sunday (unlike for everyone else in his profession) was his day off! so, we had a lovely chat, i snoogled his dogs, and went our separate ways. only to run into him again at the store, where neither of us could get what we wanted! :)

but i absolutely love being only 1 hour from the red river gorge... it is beautiful, it is GORGEous (teehee), it is magnificent... it has great hiking and climbing. who could ask for anything more?

on the job front for those who are wondering... i have a lunch interview on tuesday. what was i thinking? i have no table manners, i distinctly lack the ability to look graceful while trying to manhandle a fork, and i have food allergies! what was i thinking? i was thinking, "hey, you're offering to meet me for lunch?? cool! free food, possible job friggin' 6 miles from home... this will be fun!" sometimes i can be the dorkimus maximus. i am DOOMED! oh yeah, i also need a resume printed up... need to see if the printer is hooked up, with the paper i haven't unpacked yet... indeed, haven't found yet... YIPES! getting nervous. hope i don't stain my shirt while i dribble...

time to pull out the old mantra: i am good enough, i am smart enough, and dog-gone it, people LIKE me.

i will get a job, it will be a good one, and i will be rockin'!
sorry for the rant!