Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a long time gone

oops, so i haven't posted in a while...
so much has happened. in no particular order here are some of the high-lights :)

we got rid of the rotten, foundationless, structurally unsound thing mascarading as our garage, and replaced it with a lovely new, structurally sound, foundation clad garage of joy. it makes me soooo happy. never mind the fact that we went for a loan to cover everything, and then the market crashed and we only got half of what we asked for. we'd already started building so we finished the project. We did have to remove a tree in the process because the center was rotten and the loss of the roots was too much for it. As the directions it could fall involved taking out power to the neighborhood, takingout power to the house, falling on the new garage, or taking out the house... we decided to safely take it down before any of these things happened...
and i just realized we don't have a finished garage pic yet... will get that up soon (and you all know what soon means when I say it...)

CARRIE! finally got to see carrie and meet the clyde man. he is a ham and Leeloo loved the company. We also got to meet Carrie's boyfriend adam and hang out in Pennsylvania. Sooo nice to have friends in far away places... even if it is a really loooong drive for sushi and indian food... and leeloo wonders if this sharing thing is all it is cracked up to be...

MOMMY! mom came to visit on her way out to her fabulous new condo in sunny arizona! she moved around her whole life to line up with my one day off (read here work has been up to 6 days a week here and when it wasn't i was in jury duty) because SHE LOOOOOOVES ME! and for once nothing in our house broke while she was here... 'course, that means that the transmission in her van needed replacing before the next leg of her journey and her stay got extended (whopee for me! sad for car and wallet, boo) but we did have a fabulous day at the toyota plant (a little piece of walt disney world in rural kentucky... like the peter pan ride, only the cars are flying and you drive around in a little trolley). mom and dave got to see a little more when they weren't fretting about the van (so proud of them, i am a natural fretter, which is better than being a natural fritter...mmmm, fritters).

DADDY! dad and candy came down for a visit and see the new house. And what fun! we toured around all the must-sees: the red-river, the chocolate factory down the street from us, getting lost on the streets of lexington.

Thanksgiving! went to see the dyer clan in michigan and eat til bursting such wonderful things as gluten free cornbread stuffing and turkey and all kinds of yummy beverages... the kids all played kennel and fort. we went rock-climbing at the old gym and stuffed ourselves silly at zimmerman's roadhouse. lots of time to relax and rub the belly:)