Tuesday, August 5, 2008


the dreaded migraines have returned...

i still don't have my schedule for august yet. the reason for this... corporate american veterinary medicine does not have the job locally that they promised me. they have some part-time work, and some travelling to ohio, indiana, and louisville, etc as needed to fill a full-time position. kvatch.

so, i can continue to work with them, not gain a clientelle and not work on developing my infrastructure here; i can burn this bridge by looking for another job; or i can actually take up that underwater basketweaving profession i have so actively dreamed of for so long.

i have applied for my indiana and ohio licenses.

in other news, our garage is still standing. things have been a littleon hold as we hold our heads and try to make the spinning stop.

curt and i saw a great drag show here in town last week... it was so much fun to have a night out!
and curt loves his residency. he was on call this weekend and things seem to have gone very well.

and this week is the boone county fair... the one year anniversary to my first introduction to being a southerner! add in curt's birthday and our anniversary, and visiting carrie in pa, and there is a lot of sunshine ahead to look forward to!