Friday, March 16, 2007

Big New

It is official,
We are moving to Lexington, KY. I have gotten into the physical medicine
and rehabilitation program at UK. We are excited. The first year promises
to be very rough, but more management after that. I have already called a
realtor and will be looking at houses this weekend. We are finally leaving
the state of Michigan.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

a thought on cooking veggies

asparagus should not melt in your mouth. that's all i have to say.

it's puppy class tonight! waahoo!

Monday, March 5, 2007

the wheels on the bus...

i have been covering some serious ground lately! last rotation i was on equine ambulatory, a rotation where you drive around with vets from barn to barn... and let me tell you, february is not a pleasent month for such activities...

i saw a lot and learned bunches too... there were lots of nice horsies, and the vets knew i wasn't an equine person, so i didn't have to go near the mean ones! soo fabulous!

my hands have been EVERYWHERE! if you can imagine a spot to stick your hand in a horse, my hand was there! well, maybe not the ear, but everywhere else! i even stuck it through a hole from the mouth (between 2 molar teeth) up into the nasal cavity! how cool is that?! and i'll tell you, when it is this cold out, it feels good to palpate somewhere warm...

speaking of it being cold... the first week it was so cold (coming up to about 8 degrees as a high) that we couldn't sedate the horses... they wouldn't be able to stay warm enough! and i spent a lot of time shivering and taking hot showers when i got back each night.

times you should not be wet (the original title to this post): we were out collecting a stallion for artificial insemination... (just hang in there, you sick-o's!) and the horse was a bit of an idiot... he didn't want to mount the dummy mare (large padded chez-lounge made specifically for the male horse to hump... ) correctly, choosing instead to try and get on from the side (now i ask you, how effective would that be on a real mare? i mean, come ON!)... at any rate, it took him so long that the warm water in the artificial vagina (it is kept warm and firm with hot water for maximal stallion comfort- isn't this the greatest post EVER....) cooled down, and we had to dump it and get fresh water. there was something wrong with the connection, and i, who was dilligently watching the horse and not the giant tidal wave spray of water that was headed directly towards me, was very suprised but the rapidly cooled shower... BRRRR! as a final point, the stallion was collected, but flipped over the dummy twice in the process and sent the vet i was with rolling in the dirt of the arena. all of us left this experience a little sorer than we came into it... lessons learned: when watching and encouraging stallion masterbation: be fit, be nimble, be hot before you start, and be prepared to get wet! ah, so wrong, so very, very wrong... and yet...

then i got to inseminate the mare! maybe i'll be a daddy in 11 months!

i had a perfect weekend in the middle of this rotation. i went to tenn to visit curtis. we went hiking in the smokies and around the camp where he was staying. it was lovely and, oh yeah, 50 degrees out! it was fabulous, it was wonderful. everyone there was so nice, and the hotel wasn't bad either! we even ate fantastic thai food! so glad i went.

now i am in rochester michigan, outside of detroit, at leader dogs for the blind. for my next rotation (3 weeks), i will be doing vet work under the vets at leader dogs on puppies, well trained dogs, and pregnant breeding dogs. SO GEEKED! today was the first day. i am living in a dorm here so i don't have to commute an hour and a half to 2 hours every day (nice change from my 40 minute commute daily for the ambulatory rotation, then driving all day). it is fun living in the dorm. i have my own room, and get to eat meals with the trainers and people who are getting their leader dogs... so far so good!

days to graduation: 59
days until the match: 10 (when we will know where we will live next year)
rotations before graduation: 3 (including leader dogs)
salads i have eaten today: 2

love to all my peeps!