Thursday, September 20, 2007

the MASTER bedroom

here it is, in all it's glory...

it even comes with a full bath! (small)

and i just couldn't resist some more pics of the cutie!
(and her duckie-okay, it is really a phesant)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i am an auntie!

hooray! jackie was born this past weekend, and both mom carol and baby are happy and healthy.

oh, and here is leeloo, our cutie-pie. i spayed her
on monday, and she is still a little out of it, although nothing beats the vomiting punch-drunk puppy i brought home... today we start her first puppy class.

curt and i had a magical weekend in tenn this past weekend. curt got 2 days off in a row, and we drove off into the middle of nowhere... i mean, literally, nowhere. it is amazing that these places still exist. down a road that turned into dirt after a stream crossing, we pulled into some stranger's driveway- the only available place to camp- hoping it was the right location and we weren't tresspassing because this sort of place i expect shotguns... and pitched our tent (and the dog kennel as leeloo still doesn't sleep through the night).

we had one good day of rockclimbing- curt and i loved the routes down there, and curt decided to end on a 5.11a. bear in mind that we are climbing sport, which means that he is taking the rope up with him and clipping it into the wall as he goes. if he falls, he will fall from where he is, back to his last clip, and then the same distance under the clip... plus a little extra for rope stretching... so most people climb a few grades lower on lead than on top-rope (in the gym where the rope goes all the way to the top and you maybe fall a foot if you don't do the move correctly). curt climbs 5.11a's in the gym. he nearly falls, he dramatically saves himself and scrambles to return to a place of refined balance... he makes it to the top of the route (hooray!) and i lower him down, stopping every 6-10 ft or so to retrieve his gear holding the rope to the wall. the problem is, this route traversed up the wall at about a 45 degree angle, and under a huge ledge... to get his last piece, he had to pull on my end of the rope and haul himself back under the ledge. when he got it off the wall, we BOTH swung waaaaaay out pendulum-style. he, gracefully arching through the air, and i lifting my feet to avoid hitting rocks. no problem, right?

not so. i swing directly into a dead tree stump, breaking it in the process, and swing back into a live tree trunk... thus making all my scrapes andbruises symetrical... all minor, don't worry. this arc takes us right through the line we had set up for leeloo to run on... she is so startled she begins to howl and bark, shaking like mad, upsetting a hornet, and getting stung behind the ear (poor thing!). everyone is fine, i lower curt, and calm the puppy. we pack up and leave, deciding to go for a swim in the stream to clean off. cold, but refreshing. leeloo looks at us expectantly from shore, so i turn on the sweet talk and say "come 'ere". she, apparently thinking she could walk on water, LEAPS! toward me, the look of utter amazement and incomprehension spreading on her face as she sinks up to her neck in cold water...and promptly tries to clamor up me to get out. i turn her around and curt fishes her back onto shore. we dry off, change into warm clothes, and hang out by the fire with the owners we have now met...on sunday, we decide to forgo the climbing for some hiking, and got some great views.
ho0use pictures to follow soon. love!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mwah ha ha ha ha

i figured out how to change some things on this blog! tee hee, now curt and i can argue pettily over what the name should be. any suggestions? the name may change frequently now. ah, the many problems of an indecisive poster....

okay, after 1230... time for bed. pictures will have to wait.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

the beauty of the changing leaves

sooo far behind in the postings! must bulletpoint to get through in a reawsonable time!

-WE HAVE A PUPPY! her name is Leeloo, she is about 5 months old. she is a mix of (most likely) beagle and deutschund. so cute. brown. untrained from previous home.

-my job rocks! yesterday i saved a kitty on death's doorstep, merely by giving it fluids and passing a urinary catheter! some days this job is truely rewarding... nice kitty.

-curt is on ortho surgery for this month and next. he is working 80+ hours a week and wanders in the closest semblence to a zombie he can muster. but he managed to get acouple days off in a row that line up with mine. he is an angel. hmm, angel-zombie... sounds like a great b movie...

-having a shifting schedule where you never have the same days off is tough because you can't join any groups or classes. i think i went to yoga twice. it met 4 days a week all summer....

-the library is inconveniently placed. everything is when you are doing work/transit for >60 hours a week.

-leeloo loves her duckie. she also has made more friends than me, and often plays with finns, the dog of dr j, and harley, the neighbors boxer.... that said, finns got run over by mom's 4-wheeler today, so play dates may be suspended for a while.

-we still haven't finished unpacking. there will be much celebration when that happens.

-i still haven't figured out how to put up pictures on this blog. once i figure that out, there will be puppy pictures, then a tour of the house in installments.

-i still haven't looked at the spain pictures since we got home. poot : (

-i still haven't learned another foreign language, but banfield is actually working on purchasing a car for me! woot!

-carol is due any time now. giddy excitement! after all, i should call because she is MY sister-in-law (tee hee).

-great excitement in the near futute (besides the baby), includes leeloo's first camping experience, spaying her, and puppy classes starting next week! (i am such a dope-y dog mom!). then close on that tail... amy's wedding, a backpacking trip (sans puppy), mybirthday, annie and sean visiting... world peace, and an end to global warming! can't you just see it now!

-i love my commute. losing the time sucks, losing the energy sucks. wasting the gas sucks. but the time i gain with the people i chat with on the phone is priceless. and so far leeloo sleeps through it fine.

-i'm used to going to bed at 10, and it is now midnight... perhaps there is a bettertime to be doing this.

love you all